3D shape hunt in Tesco (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

shape8 shape7

shape6 shape5 shape4 shape3 shape2 shape1
The children were brilliant on our mini trip today! They listened very carefully about how to avoid any risks whilst walking along the pavement & crossed the road so sensibly! They thought it was very funny that Miss Woods pretended to be the lollipop lady!

We looked at the items in the shop to identify as many 3D shapes as we could & they came up with so many!!! Here are a few of their ideas:

Cylinder- Pringles packet, chocolate sprinkles & a tin of soup

Cube- tea bags

Cuboid (lots!!!)- cereal boxes, packets of rice, etc.

Sphere- lettuce, oranges & meatballs

Triangular prism- sandwiches

Cone- cornetto ice cream

We also spotted a charity box near the till, which was a pyramid!!!

Colchester, 22 Sept 2016


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