Maths meeting: Syllables in our names (PAUD 4-5 tahun)


Catatan guru 20 Apr 2015

In our maths meeting today the children were introduced to the term syllable. We learnt that it meant how many different sections or parts there are to a word. We clapped each time we said a different part of our name e.g. Li/ la (2) or Mar/ ty/ nas (3).

The children wrote the number of syllables in their name on their whiteboard.

We put all of our names into a table to see what number of syllables was most common in a name. It was 2 syllables!! We didn’t have any names with just one syllable, unless we shorted some the children’s names!!!

You might want to try this with the names of people in your family. What number of syllables is most common within your family?

You could add your answers in the comments section below. šŸ˜€

Colchester, 21 Sept 2016


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