Guided reading- one ted falls out of bed (PAUD 4-5 tahun)


Catatan guru 20 Apr 2015

We had a super guided reading session today! We read the book ‘one ted falls out of bed’. It has lots of rhyming words in it and a number pattern running through the whole story- one ted, two eyes, three mice etc.

We talked about the sound at the end of the rhyming words & worked together to spot other rhyming words in the text.

Keep looking out for other rhyming words you see in books! 😀

Dinara did brilliantly in guided reading today. She spotted words that rhyme- wide & hide, bear & stair as well as fuss & us. We talked about rhyming words not always being spelt in the same way e.g. St/air and b/ear.

She spotted the number pattern in the text saying the numbers go up & then down.

She read fluently- only sounding out & blending some words, but all independently. She was able to explain what gazing meant saying it was the same as “looking”. She read with lovely expression today too!

Colchester, 21 Sept 2016


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