We don’t like the rain!! (PAUD 4-5 tahun)


Catatan guru 28 Jan 2015

The girls were talking about not liking the rain. They were standing under the shelter chatting. Dinara said “if you want to splash in the muddy puddles, you just put on your boots… You don’t want to get wet!” We talked about how nice it will be in the summer, when it is sunny & hot. The girls listed the things they would need in the summer like sunglasses, sun cream & hats to stay safe in the sunshine. Dinara said “it will be nice to play in the sun and not get wet”. The conversation continued & Monah said “I don’t want to get my hair messy!” Dinara talked about washing her hair with shampoo & it smelling nice.The girls continued to talk & got onto the subject of animals and zoos. Dinara told me her sister’s favourite animal is a monkey. Dinara said she likes zebras the best. Dinara continued to say “my dad says we need to go the zoo in spring.” We talked about the story zoo we read yesterday in our class and Dinara said “the boys were fighting like monkeys. They were not showing respect.”

It was lovely to have a nice long chat with the girls today! 😀

Colchester,  8 Sept 2016


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