Competitive PE ⚽️(PAUD 4-5 tahun)



Catatan guru 26 Januari 2016

We had bonus PE today with Miss Free, (the school’s PE subject leader). We worked in teams to play competitive games. Our first game was cups & saucers- one team wanted to turn the cones upside down to look like cups & the other team wanted the comes to look like saucers!! It was good fun dodging the other children in the hall to work as a team to turn over the cones.

Then we practised out throwing & catching skills before playing a team game of dodge ball. We had to look out for the ball & either dodge it, by jumping out of the way or catch it! If we got hit, we were out, but we still cheered on our team!!

As part of our focus this week on the school’s core value ‘teamwork’, we talked about cheering on our team & celebrating if we won, but also saying well done to the other team if they won, by clapping.

We will be having competitive PE with Miss Free again next Monday, so if earrings could be out next Monday, that would be great- although the children did brilliantly taking them out today!!!! 😉. Well done children!!!!

Colchester, 8 Sept 2016


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