Guided Reading- Hippo has a hat 🎩(PAUD umur 4-5 tahun)


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Catatan guru 24 Januari 2015

I am really pleased with the progress Dinara has made in terms of her understanding of the books she is reading. Although she can read our red star books fluently, she has been unsure of what is happening in the story & reluctant to comment on the text. But in yesterday’s guided reading session Dinara engaged well with the story ( hippo has a hat) saying “they (the animals) are here today….. A clothing shop”. We talked about how the animals were trying on clothes. I asked Dinara if she tries in clothes in the shop before they are bought for her. She said “we try them on at home”. She continued to look at the book independently then said to me “my brother tries them on at the shop.” I asked her what items of clothing he tried on & she replied “a jumper”.

She read slowly & fluently today. She was able to re-read the sentences to identify the rhyming words in the text. She spotted hat & cat.

She found her favourite page in the text & explained her reason for choosing that page to the rest of the group. Well done Dinara!!

Colchester, 7 Sept 2016


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