Mengumpulkan PR: Holiday in Indonesia (PAUD 3-4 tahun)







Keterangan dari Emak Krucils:

1) I got my hair trimmed in a local hairdresser while my siblings were watching aquarium waiting for their turn
2) Playing in the playpark.
3) We celebrated Eid el Fitr, religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. We visited our relatives and had lots of food.
4) My brother Fahdiy and his friends were dancing and pretending to be Indonesian monsters.
5) In Indonesia my dad could take my siblings and me on a motorbike without helm nor seatbelt 😀
6) We spent a lovely day playing in the river with the bulls and the cows…

Komentar Mrs Hand:

Thank you so much for uploading these lovely photos and adding the information. We will share these with the children during tomorrows session.

Colchester, 6 Juli 2016


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