International Week: Learning about Lithuania (PAUD 3-4 tahun)



Catatan guru 22 Juni 2016

Today at carpet time we looked at some photographs and information which Natas’ parents had uploaded to tell us about their home country of Lithuania. We saw some famous landmarks, looked at photos from Natas’ christening in the Ethnographic museum of Lithuania and found out about the importance of amber in Lithuania. When we looked through a book about Lithuania we even found a picture of the place where Natas’ parents got married!

(Hari ini kami melihat beberapa foto dan informasi yang di-upload oleh orang tua Natas, yang menceritakan tentang Lithuania. Kami melihat pemandangan, foto Natas ketika dibaptis di museum Ethnographic dan menemukan beberapa hal penting tentang Lithuania. Ketika kami melihat ke buku, kami bahkan bisa menemukan tempat di mana orang tua Natas menikah.)

Colchester, 5 Juli 2016


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