Making the felt witch, cauldron & broomstick (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

felt witch1felt witch2

Catatan Fira:

Anak-anak membuat karya mengambil tokoh novel populer di Inggris tentang kisah lucu Meg Si Penyihir dan Mog kucingnya. Tentang kisah bukunya yang pertama kali diterbitkan di tahun 1970-an bisa dilihat di Wikipedia, dan sebagian film kartunnya bisa dilihat di Youtube.

Catatan guru 5 Nov 2014

The children listened very well to the instructions I gave about how to separate the fibres in the wool, set it out in the table & then rub with soapy water to make the felt. They worked very well together. Great team work from everybody! Such a super morning of felting!!! The witch (Meg!) will be main feature of our Meg & Mog felting panel, along with her pet cat Mog flying along on her broomstick clutching her cauldron. The owl will be flying along in the starry night sky too. The completed felting panels will be framed & displayed in the school as part of our 50th birthday celebrations.

meg mog felting

The children have all contributed to our class’ felting panel. Each class in the school took part in the felting activity today, making a felting panel showing a different children’s book from the last 50 years. This is another part of our schools 50th birthday celebrations!

We are very pleased with how our Meg & Mog felting panel is looking so far- but we are not finished yet. Tomorrow we must cover the whole panel with soapy water & repeat the rubbing to make sure all the little bits of felt stick to the main background! Then Friday we need to roll it (lots!!!!!!) to squeeze out all of the water.

Colchester, 8 Juni 2016


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