Wind Up Toys (PAUD 3-4 tahun)

wind up toys

Catatan guru 30 Nov 2014

Dara was playing with the ‘Home’ alien toys. She pushed the button on one of the toys to make it light up. As she pushed the button the aliens hands moved together to form a heart and Dara said “look a heart” , as they opened again she said “oh no its broken heart.” Next Dara wound up the Orange alien so that his arms would move. She copied the aliens movements. She repeated this a couple of times and spent a long time exploring the different actions the toys performed when they were wound up..

(Dara bermain boneka aliens. Ia menekan tombol di salah satu mainan untuk membuatnya bergerak. Ketika tangan-tangan boneka bergerak membentuk hati Dara mengatakan, “Lihat, bentuk hati,” dan ketika tangan boneka membuka ia mengatakan, “Oh, no, ini broken heart.” Kemudian Dara menyalakan alien yang oranye sehingga tangannya bergerak-gerak. Dara menirukan gerakan boneka aliens. Ia menirukan beberapa kali dan menghabiskan waktu cukup lama mengeksplorasi gerakan-gerakan berbeda-beda dari etiap boneka ketika mereka dinyalakan.)

Colchester, 30 Mei 2016


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