STAR: Stretch & Relax (PAUD 4-5 tahun)


Catatan guru 13 Okt 2014:

This afternoon Miss Free took us for a bonus PE lesson to teach us some of the STAR games. We practised good sitting and stretches including the stick and boat pose. We also sang the banana song whilst stretching from side to side to curve our bodies like a banana. Finally we enjoyed the ladybird relaxation. We really enjoyed the session and can’t wait until our next STAR session!

Siang ini Miss Free mengajari kami STAR games. Kami mempratekkan duduk yang baik dan stretching termasuk posisi stick and boat. Kami juga menyanyikan Banana Song ketika stretching dari sisi ke sisi untuk melengkungkan tubuh kami seperti pisang. Dan akhirnya kami menikmati relaksasi kepik. Kami menikmati sesi ini dan tidak sabar menunggu sesi STAR kami berikutnya.

Colchester, 27 Mei 2016


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