Year 3 Topic Project: The Ancient Greeks (ODOP Day 94 of 99)


Sekolah di Inggris banyak liburnya. Kira-kira setiap setelah sekolah 6 pekan, sekolah memberikan libur 1-2 minggu. Konon pada zaman dahulu kala, sistemnya tidak seperti ini. Dulu, liburan musim panas langsung diberikan 3 bulan. Libur sekolah 3 bulan alias 12 pekan. Konon kabarnya, kemudian para keluarga warga Inggris banyak yang mengeluh karena liburan 3 pekan di musim panas dirasakan terlampau panjang. Akhirnya kebijakan diubah. Libur musim panas hanya sekitar 6 minggu. Sisa liburan yang 6 minggu lainnya disebar di sela-sela waktu sekolah sepanjang musim gugur, musim dingin, dan musim semi.

Setiap Jumat menjelang liburan, pihak sekolah membekali siswa di kelas Year 3 (Usia 7-8 tahun) dengan pekerjaan rumah yang disebut project. Berikut project pertama yang terima krucil setelah 7 pekan masuk sekolah:

Year 3 Topic Project- The Ancient Greeks

We would like you to create a project relating to next half term’s topic: Greek Mythology.

Here are some suggested areas, which you might like to include. Maybe you might like to focus on one area:

– Greek Gods
– Different Stories
– Imagery

You can choose how to present your project:
– It can be handwritten or it can be word processed, or even a mixture of both.
– You can include images or draw your own pictures.
– You could present it in a folder, on a large sheet of card/paper or in the style of a booklet.


Over the last view weeks we have analysed the features of information texts and writen one ourselves, so you should know what needs to be included in your project. Here is a list below to help you when presenting your work:

– Title
– Subheadings
– Introduction
– Topic/technical words
– Diagrams/pictures
– Captions

We welcome parents/adult support however we would like to remind you that this is your child’s project. Whilst we know it can be tempting, please avoid doing too much of the work. We don’t expect perfect work, we do expect to see the child’s best effort.

There are lots of Hotspur points up for grabs for those who put in lots of effort, not only for their research but presentation as well. We would love to display your projects, so take pride in your work.

We look forward to seeing your finished projects after hal term!

Date for completion: Friday 13th November 2015

Have a great half term!

Miss T and Mr D


Colchester, 17 April 2016

Gambar kerjaan krucils yang memilih kisah Perseus and The Monster Medusa

perseus1 perseus2 perseus3 perseus4 perseus5 perseus6 perseus7 perseus8


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