Islam untuk Year 2 (6-7 tahun) (ODOP Day 76 of 99)


Sumber gambar Asian Express

Materi Aqidah:
Names of Allah (Asma’ul Husna)
Jannah and Jahannam
Six articles of Faith
Jibril teaches us religion

Five pillars of Islam
Basic cleanliness
When and how to play perform wudu
Actions that break wudu
How to perform ghusl
Prayer times
Salah: two rak’ahs
Salah: three rak’ahs
Salah: four rak’ahs

Before Prophet Adam
Adam’s Creation
Adam on Earth
Prophet Nuh
The boy and The King

Abdul Muttalib
Year of the Elephant
The Story of Halimah
Journey to Syria (prediksi pendeta Buhaira bahwa Muhammad akan menjadi Nabi)
Rebuilding the Ka’bah
Beginning of Revelation
Umar accepts Islam
The boycott
Life in Madinah (Daulah Khilafah pertama di Madinah, termasuk penyebaran Islam lewat penaklukan negeri2 sekelilingnya)

Personal Development
Adab in the classroom
Manners and friends

Colchester, 25 Maret 2016


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