Treasure Hunt dan Mengenal adjective untuk year 2 (umur 6)

PR Matematika Fahdiy pekan ini treasure hunt yang hamdan lillah ngga terlalu sulit. Sebaliknya, PR English-nya bikin ortunya saling lempar tanggungjawab menemani anak bikin PR-nya.

PR English untuk year 2 pekan ini…

Adjectives for Andrew

Read the description together

Andrew looked sad as he carried his dirty, torn coat over his shoulder. The heavy rain had left muddy puddles on the path and his black shoes were filthy. He and his friend James should never have tried jump over the wide stream. The water had been cold and Andrew had been soaked right up to his waist. His white shorts were now brown and mud-covered. Andrew knew that his parents would be furious when they saw him.

Now answer the questions.

Which adjective tells you that Andrew was unhappy?
Which adjective tells you that Andrew’s coat was damaged?
Which adjective tells you what the puddles were like?
Which adjectives describe Andrew’s shoes?
Which adjective describes the stream?
Which adjective describe Andrew’s shorts before and after he fell into the stream?
Which adjective describes how Andrew’s parents will fell when they see him?

On the back of this sheet, write two sentences that describe what happens when Andrew’s parents see him.
Remember to use adjectives to improve your description.

Dear Helper,
Objective: to write simple descriptions and to encourage the use of simple sentences in own writing. Read the text with your child and help them to read the questions and identify the adjectives. Finally, help your child to write sentences to describe Andrew’s encounter with his parents.

Colchester, Essex, 17 Januari 2015


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