Ordering Numicon (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 27 Sept 2016:

Today I challenged the children to order the Numicon pieces in the correct order from 1-10.

They had to select the correct Numicon piece to represent each number in sequence.

Dara was able to correctly sequence all the Numicon pieces from 1-10 independently. Great job!

Next step: Make 2-digit numbers using the Numicon and continue the Numicon number line to 20.

Colchester, 19 Juli 2019

Pepper Visited RW! (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 21 Sept 2016:

In last week’s school newsletter you will have seen the photo of Mrs Herron’s puppy ‘Pepper’. Pepper is going to be trained up as a therapy dog, so she will be spending lots of time in our school, working with the children!

She visited our class today for the first time. The children could stroke her if they wanted too… she felt so soft- especially her ears!

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Guided reading: Tim’s Din (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 19 Sept 2016:

Today in guided reading we were super sound spotters!!! The children had to spot the sounds we learnt last week in phonics: s a t p

I was listening out for children to pronounce the sounds accurately.

This week we are learning the sounds: i n m d, so we will spot these sounds in our books next week too!

Keep up the good work sound spotting at home!

Colchester, 14 Juli 2019