PE on the apparatus (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 9 Mar 2017

In PE today the children were thinking about different ways that they could travel on the benches and on the large equipment. They were encouraged to use different body parts to do this. The children were asked to think about the positions of their bodies on the apparatus and to use two feet on the rungs of the ladder etc. for climbing. When they were jumping off the stool the children were encouraged to bend their knees and to try to land with two feet together. Next week we will continue to travel in different ways and also think about travelling at different heights.

A good job, children. It was a lovely PE lesson.

PE 🎽🏆(PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 9 Mar 2017

The children had to take turns to move along the equipment on different parts of their body and then jump off of the stool carefully. They were asked to bend their knees to jump and to try to land safely on the mats.

Clock⏲ (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 8 Mar 2017

This week in our maths meetings we are learning about time and clocks. After our maths meeting had finished Dara had a go at drawing her own clock. She tried really hard with putting the numbers on but missed a few out so I showed Dara how to draw a clock with all the numbers on, Dara then had another go at drawing a clock and was able to put all the numbers on correctly. Dara could tell me she had put the numbers on the clock and lines and she said “morning I go to school and in the afternoon it’s bedtime”.

Clocks⏲ (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 7 Mar 2017

For our maths meeting today we looked at a clock. The children were asked to say what they knew about clocks and to describe what they could see on the clock. The children shared a clock with their partner and had a look to see what was on their clock and what they thought the different features were for.

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Letters and sounds tricky words (PAUD 4-5 tahun)

Catatan guru 3 Mar 2017

Today in letters and sounds we have been having a go at writing some tricky words. We began with the Phase 2 tricky words, I, no, go, to and the and then we carried on with some of the Phase 3 tricky words. The children all tried really hard to write some of the words.

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